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The History

1998 1999 20002001 to present

Meteo-TV company was founded in June 1998. The founder and the president of the company is Vakhtang Harutyunyan. The main aim of the company is weather forecast broadcasting. Meteo-TV has handled its first regular weather forecasts on TV and radio shortly after its foundation. The company started its work with one only computer. Nowadays it has modern technical equipment and highly qualified, professional staff. The company has its own sound recording "M_Studio".
Except weather forecast the company makes many other programs, quite different in style: such as cultural “Kulisner”(The Wings), informative-analytical “Alliance”. Some more programs are at the stage of development.

Meteo-TV Mass-Media Partners and friends are:

TV-broadcasters: Radiostations

Muz TV
Shant TV
Yerevan TV
Yerkir Media
Ararat FM 90.7
Ardzagank FM 103.5
FM 107
Radio Hay FM 104.1
Russkoe Radio FM 104.9
Van FM 103

The Staff

Vakhtang L. Harutyunyan





 Vakhtang Harutyunyan

 President - Founder
 In 1994-98: consultant in informative agency on National TV.
 In 1998 founded Meteo-TV Company in Armenia.


Sargis Mkrtchian

Manager, responsible for TV Weather Forecast Programs
Chief for weather forecast programs since 1998.
His everseeing eye helps us to be accurate throughout our work.


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Angelika Aganesyan

Weather forecaster with a long-time working experience.
Participated in multiple world-known educational seminars.
Since 1998 is the head weather forecast advisor and presenter in Meteo-TV.
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Armine Gasparyan Armine Gasparyan View album

Marine Harutyunyan
Sona Verdyan