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To get a Weather Widget, matching Your website, follow next simple steps:

(be sure to click "Preview" to see Your changes)

1. Informer language:   
2. Informer background:
3. Informer size:
4. Choose template image:
5. Choose border color and width:
Border width:
Border color:
6. Choose font color:
7. Choose font size:
8. Show weather for:
Copy and paste the following HTML-code on your site.

Download Weather Informer from for Your page: in a minute!

ABOUT THE PROJECT is a new project of Meteo-TV Company, Armenia, created to grant forecasted information about the weather.

The informer can be freely installed on one`s web-page, and it will reflect daily weather forecast.
If however You did not like any of the suggested and possible informers, You can take advantage of RSS.

The only condition for free installation is placing of the code as it is - without any changes.

Contact us, if You do not see the city You need.


Informer installation is very easy. It is necessary to:
1. Select the language and size of the informer. We have got a large variety of informers with background to choose one for any page design. Anyway, You can make it all as You like, just note "I will Make myself".
2. Select the city and color style of the informer.
3. Click «Preview/Get Code» to see what you get and make changes if necessary.
4. Insert the code in the desired place of your page without making any changes in it.


Informer reflects temperature in Celsius, night minimal lows and day maximum highs.
Forecast data is being uploaded and refreshed every day from midday to 3pm (GMT +3.00 +5.00).
To save Your time we made some ready samples of informers with code available as well.

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