This project is aimed at covering weather information, no matter where exactly in Armenia You live. If You are on trip somewhere in the country, or visiting a place where there is no TV or radio available, You can get weather forecast stright on Your mobile!
All You need is just remember the code of the region You are in, and send it as an SMS to 1009. For example, the code of Yerevan is 11. Therefore, one should type 11 in SMS body, and send it to number 1009 to get weather forecast for Yerevan for the next day. The list of codes is here.


Meteo-TV Company produces daily ad weekly weather forecasts for 4 radio and 8 TV channels now, which are being periodically released after news programs on widely watched Armenian and regional channels. Taking into consideration, that any out of them is unique in its style, the forecasts are being made with emphasized attention to format, principle and requirements of each certain channel. The programs are being made by means of computer graphics and up-to-date digital technology.
The 3 huge Virtual Halls afford simultaneous implementation of any encrusting task.


By H2 order Meteo-TV represents our region and Europe daily weather forecast, led by meteorologist-presenter.

.Every Sunday the PUBLIC TELEVISION OF ARMENIA releases an analytical weather forecast that represents weather conditions in the greatest cities of Europe and Transcaucasus. It concerns next day and week in whole.

By KENTRON order Meteo-TV represents our region and Europe weather forecast programs, led by forecasters, based on their daily consultative activities with meteorologists.

YEREVAN channel releases daily weather forecast presented by landscape of regions of Armenia.

Dar 21, retranslating the First Musical (Myz TV), is widely watched and represents weather conditions in Transcaucasian region, is being released almost on all private TV-channels of the region.

Weather forecast program, released on RTR, is build by the national dances and ceremonies moving pictures and represents weather in World greatest cities.

For SHANT channel European countries and Armenia weekly weather forecasts are being prepared.



Yerevan TV
Dar 21