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Meteo-TV Company produces daily weather forecasts for 8 radio and 8 TV channels now, which are being periodically released after news programs on widely watched Armenian and regional channels. Taking into consideration, that any of them is unique in its style, the forecasts are being made with emphasized attention to format, principle and requirements of each certain channel. The programs are being made by means of computer graphics and up-to-date digital technology.
The 3 huge Virtual Halls afford simultaneous implementation of any encrusting task.
The forecasts cover weather information about Armenia, Europe and CIS countries largest cities, and are aired after news as a rule.

The weather forecast program on H2 channel is led by a meteorologyst-presenter. This gives a viewer a possibility to get a detailed information about hydrometeorologycal conditions and processes in the region.
Two types of weather forecasts are being presented daily: for the coming hours, aired in the morning, and for the coming night and the next day.


By Kentron order Meteo-TV represents our region, Europe and Russian Federation greatest cities' weather forecast programs, led by presenter Sona Verdyan.


Yerevan channel releases daily weather forecast presented by landscape and picturesque places of Armenia regions.

Yerevan TV

Dar 21, retranslating the First Musical (Muz TV), is widely watched among the youth and represents weather conditions in Armenia, greatest cities of Europe and European part of Russia. The channel is being retranslated almost on all private TV-channels of the region.

Dar 21

Weather forecast program, released on RTR, presents current weather conditions in Russian Federation greatest cities, and the weather forecast for Armenia by regions.

Detailed comments of weather conditions over the region based on our editor's daily consultative activities with meteorologystsare presented by Marina Harutyunyan, Ar TV-channel.



Animation based weather program on Hay TV is presented as temples and picturesque countryside views of Armenia.

Hay TV



  Zorikyan hosts Arsen Grigoryan
"Kulisner" (Backstage) is a cultural program series. Hosts Edward Zorikyan: his guests are artists, composers, and art staff. They tell about what is going on behind the scenes, of the activities and problems of artists and actors, illustrate their best works and represent the latest ones. The program runs 20 minutes, now is aired by Kentron TV.
"Alliance". The aim of this program is to show the life of refugees in Armenia, their lives, difficulties and necessities since they had to run from Azerbajdjan and settle down in Armenia. All this is hightlighted by the author of the program, Nana Avetisova. "Alliance" is being shot by UN order.
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Meteo-TV's film archive has recently been renewed by a new historical documental series "Armenian Temples". Each film tells of a temple in Armenia , which, though numerous, but at the same time are so unique, each with its own story and life. This project was aimed at highlighting national architecture values to the new generation and foreigners... more about the series
Armenian Temples
Having quite a powerful TV station based on DV and Betacam formats via the huge possibilities of Real Time Professional Chroma Key Virtual halls, Meteo-TV Company is also involved in production of TV films. About 50 documental films, covering different aspects of life, have been shot so far.
Tuning to Child