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One cannot ever imagine a TV product without sound arrangement, to say nothing of the radio! But just a sound provision is not enough: it must be of a high quality!
These necessities led Meteo-TV to the conclusion of a hi-tech recording studio necessity, in order to make it possible to produce a full-range TV and radio products.
In 2004 Meteo-TV established a highly professional music studio named M_Studio with a broad capacity: it meets the requirements of Meteo-TV and processes various other orders as well. Since the works were implemented by Yerevan Acoustic Centre, well-known by its up-to-date techniques, a huge number of recordings and arrangements have been made in studio yet. The recording and mastering of “Veradarts” album of bard composer and singer Vakhtang Harutyunyan, the “Top Ten” records of an authoritative song festival, the audio version of concert “Zruyts” (The Talk), Armen Movsisian’s “Sail of Hope” album and many other records are among those.

photos of sound recording studio and music videos

  Bard Festival's Top Ten
  Vakhtang Harutyunyan /2000/
Areg Nazaryan /2004/Armine Hayrapetyan /2005/Vakhtang Harutyunyan /2005/Armen MovsisyanՀեղինակային երգի հավաքածու No1
Արմինե Հայրապետյան, Բարև, 2011Վախթանգ Հարությունյան, Я живу как живу, 2011Ռուբեն Քամալյան, Սա է կյանքը քո, 2012Հեղինակային երգի հավաքածու No2, Գիրք+CD


Anything is possible when shootings are made in a Virtual Studio. Be it a music video, or a commercial, or maybe a feature film - move the object to any desired environment: it's just a matter of Your imagination! The Professional Chroma Key green affords replacement of the back color easily. Meteo-TV Virtual studio size is 11m x 6,5m: it is large enough to accomodate simultaneous shooting of a group of dancers or actors up to 30 people.

Note, that You will need to arrange your shootings for at least a week before.
Please call + (37410) 34 98 92 on working days from 11am to 18pm local time (GMT +4.00).

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