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Armenian Temples

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Meteo-TV's film archive has been renewed by a new historical documental series "Armenian Temples"/2000/. Each film (which are 14 in total) represents one of the temples in Armenia, which are not only numerous, but at the same time so unique, each with its own story and life. This project was aimed at highlighting national architecture values to the new generation and foreigners, to input consideration of Christian heritage, representing our picturesque churches and monasteries, that reached us through the ages, bringing the call of our ancestors. Many of them need reconstruction, being on the edge of destruction. Film is also aimed at making a sense in society and draw attention of certain institutions on problems to be solved in the field in order to preserve national values.

Two films out of the series were represented in 2000 at Yalta fеstival called "Together" and "The paths" won Audience Award. Later the series were presented in Armenian "Shogakat" festival and won prize for the best audio-arrangement and prize for the best scenario. The producer of "Armenian Temples" series is Vakhtang L. Harutyunyan.

7."The Prayer of the Caves"
8."Mugni's  Temple of St Gevorg"
10."The Paths"
11."The Lost Story"
12."The Spiritual Fortress of Shatin"

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